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Microstation V8i and AutoCAD customization.  See our tips and tricks section for information on how to customize and use these and other windows based programs as well as other productivity information.

      I started my career in electrical contracting industry 35 years ago wiring small industrial, residential commercial and some hospital grade projects, as an electrician.  I never had any formal training in electrical work and learned everything I know today through on the job training.  It was a slow hard process since school was out of the question at the time.  I had to earn a living for my family and never minded, content with the honesty of doing a good job and learning the meaning of hard work.

      I have always had an interest in computers and wanted to learn more about them when they were becoming affordable for everyone to own.  I struggled with my limited resources to be able to afford computer parts and even desiring to build as opposed to buying a new system because of initial cost.  This meant I could buy parts and upgrade as the funds became available.

      After many years of working in the electrical field, I found myself getting laid off over the years from my job as electrician.  I decided to go to tech school tasking for a computer science degree at night.  While going back to school and out of work I called all over town asking if I could get a drafting job because of my interests in computers.  This took many months of trying to find anyone interested enough to listen or take me seriously after being in the construction field for so long.  I was out of work for some time and taking school seriously would prove to be helpful.  I was finally able to talk to a local electrical engineer who was working out of his

Electrical Engineering and design

      Electrical Panel Scheduler 2014 Lite deployment:  Why has it is has been designed the way it has and why would I offer this software free to the public.

      After fifteen years of presentation schemes, planning and development, EPS has been finalized.  The main goals of EPS has been to help me and my colleagues to learn more about electrical wiring, be more productive when determining hundreds of circuits throughout a project, remove monotony of calculations, sizing conductors and to show references to NEC code sections and when to apply them.    After numerous trials and testing procedures the goals were met and users will be ensured they will always have plenty of options when designing any open ended system accurately with the versatility this software can provide.

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house and was able to work with him on some small markup drafting projects.  He hired me full time after six months.  AutoCAD was in its infancy with dos version 10.  I studied in school while working for him for one year when we were asked to work with a local AE firm.  My work as an electrical drafter began and I was able to bring field experience to the drafting table.  I consider myself very lucky to have made the move and had the persistence when I did.  What felt like a disaster at the time eventually made me stronger and now as I look back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I am thankful for this man and certainly happy he gave me the opportunities as he did.  Sadly to say, I quit school and never finished tech with a degree but I did leave knowing enough to have the drive and determination while churning ideas of my own.

      That big move happened 19 years ago.  Along the way I have looked at better ways to improve my professional advancement and to improve my productivity with insights which not many people in my position can fill.  I consider myself an expert in cad systems and even did some programming with cad platforms making it more productive for our needs.  Today, I am an expert in most any software I come into contact with and have learned a lot from seeing various programs, some which I like and learning from the things I didn’t.  I realize that software is a tool for us to be more productive and wanted to write a program to help my understanding in electrical design.  About 15 years ago I began putting some concepts together with trial and error, experimentation and programing abilities.  This programming language was self-taught too.  After many years of development, testing and help from my comrades, Electrical Panelboard Scheduler (EPS) is now ready for the electrical community because I feel strongly about the value this free software can deliver.  I encourage you to look at and try EPS today and hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

Thank-you and God bless,

James Boone, President

Columbia, SC

      The next objective of EPS was the most difficult and that is how to present the data so visualization, input and functionality would be concise and easy to understand while being productive on any electrical design project.  EPS is free because I want the community to experience how simple designing circuits can be and to get user feedback for the professional version which will be ready in the following months.

      Users can use smart object drag and drop when copying or moving a circuit from one position in a panelboard to another or when designing new circuits.  There are too many other useful features of EPS to explain , so please  try the software today.  This software may appear simple, but that is far from it.

      EPS is intended for designers, engineers, contractors and consultants or anyone involved in the design of electrical circuits for panelboards or need a method for storing or presenting panelboard data.

      EPS is being offered free to the electrical community and do not have any nagging pop-ups, but donations are welcome so we can complete the professional version which has the ability to link panels, transformers and calculate short circuit ratings in risers.




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