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Design and research charts

My need for these charts is obvious in that they compile a lot of information in one easy to find document.  For years I have struggled to search many books and pages of information till I came up with the opportunity and method to record my findings in a organized concise manner.  Once I found a method that worked for one I began a trek to make pages of everything I learned over time.  All of the things recorded in these charts are accumulated knowledge and research in many areas of personal interests and business.  I hope you find the information helpful as I have.

These pages are constantly changing and evolving over time as more facts come in and ideas expand.  Please sign up on our web page to keep the latest updates of these and other new documents.  Perhaps someone can suggest some new ideas that may one day be included but we have a few more ideas of our own.



This chart is designed to allow designers or field technicians the ease of finding NEC charts without the need of a code book.  Readers should make their own determinations that the information contained herein is relevant to any specific situation where wiring is concerned.  This chart incorporates most all instances of sizing wire ampacity, conduit fill, motor charts, grounding, power riser schedule and grounding schedule.  The riser and grounding schedules show no particular code requirement, but a suggestion of naming wires for use in power risers, although there is no consideration for voltage drops.  make all adjustments as required.  The motor charts were compiled from manufacturing agents for sizing motors that are within normal bounds of circuiting.



This chart has information regarding sections in the NEC, formulas, conduit table, power factor selections, some circuit design information, motor charts, working space and basic information for generators/elevators.  This chart also include a full service transformer information guide but depending on transformer specifics, can change, based on many design characteristics.  Use this information only when using general specifics.

This chart also shows general panelboard and transformer dimensions based on general information.  Use sizes and information only as a general rule of thumb.



This chart has many tables that can be used for determining what type of service/branch to designate for a riser element.  The elevator chart is only a suggestion as exact sizing is based of many factors that may not immediately be known on design startup.  There is some useful notes to recall when designing electrical systems in buildings.  There is also some less important tables:

Converting metric to English or visa-versa.

Current carriers in conduit and what wires are required.

Warning signs.

Trigonometry formulas.

Temperature factors.

Tap rule.

Costs of energy generation.

Energy comparisons.

Fuel efficiency.

Material resistivity and boiling points.



Over years of hearing terms like Kelvin (temperature) to describe light brightness, we decided to do a little research into why it is called that.  Like any good researcher I dug deeper to find much more.  Shown on this chart are tables with detailed information on many lighting characteristics.

Lighting area types and description.

Lux and lighting brightness comparisons.

Color frequencies (Hz).

Frequency graph showing scale between gamma and radio waves.

Lamp life tables.

Color temperature spectrum.

Reflectance table.

How to determine zonal cavity calculation.

Cost of light.



There is two important lighting considerations when designing commercial buildings.  Here are some of the most important tables used in that design process.


Table 9.4.3A

Table 9.4.3B

Table 8.4.2

Table 9.6.1


Figure 9.5.1

Figure 14-2

Figure 22-21 & 22-22

Figure 10-9

Figure 29-17


Lighting Design Guide (Indoor & Outdoor)



Designing old buildings with existing floor space for renovations, sometimes there is a need to describe what breakers are existing in the building.  Used in conjunction with existing riser diagrams of original buildings, this sheet gives users methods for recording those field conditions.  There should be room on this sheet to record the breaker tag and size  Use ties to show multi-pole breakers.  Circle pertinent information.



This sheet shows examples of outputs the EPS program will output.  These forms were created in less than 10 seconds, once all the circuit data was input into the program.  All trimming, breaker handles and riser elements was done automatically.  Loads, panel source and times are recorded on a none plotting layer (shown in gray) so users can see when the schedule was created and can easily be updated (for the AutoCAD example).

Please help to the development and improvement of future design and research charts if you find these helpful.

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