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EPS is designed by Electrical Engineers with practical experience.

Electrical Panel Scheduler 2014 Lite

EPS 2014 Lite is free, so anyone can use it and will never expire.

EPS has over 10 years of development, improvements and experience built by Electrical Engineers with practical working experience.

A few benefits of Electrical Panel Scheduler:

1.   Vastly improve design time phase by eliminating tedious lookup tables and other tasks such as wire sizing, voltage drop calc's, conduit fill factors and conduit sizing.

2.   Any panelboard size imaginable can be utilized in EPS, from 120V/30A/6 circuit to 480V/3Ph/6000A/168 circuit gear and anything in between.

3.   The Panel Scheduler will help improve cross checking methods and enhance existing work flows.

4.   EPS is free and will never expire.

5.   There will be constant updates to improve the usability of the software.  We encourage development or improvement ideas and suggestions.

Panelboard breakers and wire sizes can be sized automatically by inputting circuit loads of Amps, KW or KVA.  All wire, conduit and breaker sizing calculations can be manually overwritten for any case and locked so it does not change which is useful in many ways.

Balancing loads is also important, so EPS has ability to drag and drop circuits from one phase to another.   This ability will also give users the option to copy or move the circuit from one position to another.  The panel connected/demand load is automatically calculated and visible at all times allowing the user to see which phases need re-balancing.

All panelboard information is stored in one file for each panelboard. This data file will include panel name, voltage drop calculations, conduit fill factors, load summaries, notes and much more (over 10,000 data fields).

EPS can also export a finished schedule to Excel which can then be imported into AutoCAD 2008 or higher as a vector table (see tutorials on exporting). Schedules can be customized to show which items a users wants to show such as wire, and panel loads.

EPS can use project settings that can hold circuit wire default properties such as, maximum, minimum wire size, default circuit wire types, conduit type.

There is a circuit wizard that will help a novice designer to help in some circuit types such as receptacles, lights and motors.