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Electrical Panel Scheduler 2014 Pro

The pro version is now ready for a free 15 day trial.

This software will aid electrical engineers, designers, consultants or contractors in the electrical systems design of commercial buildings no matter how complex. EPS has all the tools you need in building electrical panelboards from 60A/120V to a 168 circuit 6000A gear. EPS will only work on systems that use conduit in commercial buildings.

epspro.jpg trans.jpg revitimport.jpg panelsch.jpg circuiting.jpg Short circuit utility ratings (calculated) and easy to read drag and drop riser diagrams Transformer dialogs does all sizing based on math formulas Text file import from Revit EPS created schedule inside AutoCAD in under 10 seconds. All lines shown were trimmed automatically, including text referring to riser diagram for wire sizing. This shows EPS and ability to drag (copy of move) from other panelboards to any working panel provided the voltage matches.  This has saved many hours of labor.

EPS has a full range of design features such as voltage drop; wire; conduit; breaker sizing and load summaries with demand/connected categorized loads. The professional version also offers electrical projects for storing multiple panelboard schedules used in a system and an easily visible riser diagram tree for which users can connect together by drag and drop operations.  This offers users the ability to connect and size branch circuits from one source to another and track circuit parameters automatically throughout the riser.  Never has this task been easier.  EPS will then calculate short circuit, voltage drops and wire lengths throughout the branches and warn users when circuit elements are not adjusted properly.  Branch circuits can also be copied from other panelboards making the entire design process as effortless as possible and very efficient.

Designers can use this software for efficiently tracking all aspects of a buildings electrical system in more detail.  Every aspect is quickly and easily visible.  EPS Pro has been tested on multiple projects over the last years.

Because of EPS licensing, if you need more time to evaluate EPS, please let us know and we can extend licensing up to 60 days.  Please tell your friends about products and services of Powersoft Engineering.  Purchasing is available in the cart area.  AutoCAD tools will be available soon.  Special pricing with orders over 4 computers.

NEW** Sample videos of EPS 2014 Pro

Create a one panel project (14Meg wma - 5 minutes)

Create project and demonstrate how to connect panels and service

(43Meg hidef mp4 - 8 minutes)